Maggie 2019 Supports Lightfoot Ethics Plan to Reform City Hall

“I fully support Lori Lightfoot’s nine-point ethics plan to reform City Hall. This plan should be common sense to anyone who wants to champion more trust and transparency in government. The most important point is the proposed ban on side jobs that ‘conflict with the city’s interests,’ as people in the 40th Ward know all too well.

Alderman Pat O’Connor has spent 35 years maintaining the culture of corruption in Chicago for his own personal profit. His land-use law practice – coupled with his wife’s realty business – has made millions for himself and his family at the expense of his constituents. This is not public service. This is gaming the system by picking winners and losers when it comes to development in the 40th Ward.  This is the real reason O’Connor is running again: to protect his wealth and influence.

All of this might be technically legal – but it is in no way fair or right. That is why I support Lori Lightfoot’s plan and urge Chicagoans who are fed up to do the same. We need our elected officials to step up and truly tackle the problems this city faces, rather than set up honeypots to enrich themselves as Chicago’s finances crumble. As your alderman, I would only have one job – to be your public servant for the 40th Ward.”