Maggie 2019 Releases “The Job I Want” Video, Chronicling One Year of a Community-Driven Grassroots Campaign

Today, Maggie 2019 released its latest campaign video “The Job I Want,” detailing 40th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Maggie O’Keefe’s community-driven grassroots campaign since announcing her run on February 1, 2018.

“They say you should dress for the job you want. Well, I’m doing the job I want. I’ve been going door-to-door for a year – and each day that I listen and learn from you, I grow more passionate about the important issues facing us in the part of Chicago we call home,” said Maggie.

“Our home needs someone with the compassion and willpower to bring access and accountability to our most local public office. Our ward deserves someone who cares. I’ve seen our neighbors struggle – and I’ve seen that struggle ignored by our local government. But with your help, we can work together to build a better community.”

The video chronicles Maggie 2019’s journey over the past year, from speaking in City Council to demand public hearings during the lead crisis, to holding playdates for 40th Ward families and hosting numerous community events throughout the ward.

“Since our people-powered campaign started, we’ve collected $20,000 in clothing donations for children. We’ve held political playdates for parents and their kids, and we’ve resisted through peaceful marches. We’ve heard your concerns and we’ve created a Community Safety Plan that will connect neighbors through online block clubs, organized door-to-door surveys and harness new grants to invest in our safety,” said Maggie.

“Unlike the 35-year incumbent I’m running against, I don’t have a lifetime of political connections or hundreds of thousands of dollars in my bank account. But I’m a lot luckier – because I have you. Our campaign is run on small dollar donations powered by volunteers in our community who believe in the promise of what we could be. I know the job I want and I’m already doing it. It’s time to make history by electing the first woman to represent the 40th Ward, to build a sustainable community, one we are proud to live in and proud to share.”

You can view the video here!

Maggie Okeefe