Maggie 2019 Urges More Women to Run for Office – and Win - at Small Business Salon

Maggie O’Keefe speaking at  Women In Tech  Salon. September 20, 2018

Maggie O’Keefe speaking at Women In Tech Salon. September 20, 2018

CHICAGO, IL – In a stirring speech this week at a Women in Tech Salon, 40th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Maggie O’Keefe urged more women to run for office in local elections, discussed how to motivate an engaged voter base, and detailed her vision for a more sustainable Chicago.

“If we want women to be represented in government, we need to represent by supporting one another in this journey. I am running to bring integrity back to local office and be a part of the surge of women running for office across Chicago, across Illinois, and across our country. And guess what? We’re winning. And you know how we’re winning? With the support of women,” said Maggie O’Keefe.

Hosted by Genevieve Thiers, co-founder of NewFounders, the Women in Tech Salon invites business owners and women in every field to pitch their ideas and funding needs. Maggie appeared alongside 47th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Eileen Dordek and talked about the challenges of motivating a disengaged voter based too used to the status quo in Chicago.

“While registering Chicagoans to vote, I learned an important lesson. Voters need a reason to be engaged. They need a public servant and a government they can trust so they can help rebuild and grow this city. That is what I am looking to do when in office - to bring all voices in and encourage and foster active engagement to build a sustainable community,” added Maggie.

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