Maggie 2019 Releases New Video “Let’s Start Here”

Today, Maggie 2019 released its new campaign video “Let’s Start Here,” chronicling Candidate for 40th Ward Alderman Maggie O’Keefe’s journey reaching neighbors door-to-door beginning in February.

“You’ve welcomed me into your homes and I’ve gotten to know you, your families, and your love for our community. You want to know you won’t be priced out of your homes and that your friends and family can afford to live here too. You want to live in neighborhoods that are safe, vibrant and diverse,” said Maggie. “We need an alderman who listens to their constituents, is responsive to your individual needs, and works hard to build a sustainable community - one we are proud to live in and proud to share.”

The video shows Maggie 2019’s efforts in motivating an engaged voter base in the 40th Ward and inspiring a move to a more sustainable Chicago. As Alderman, Maggie O’Keefe would be dedicated to providing solutions to preventing crime through active community engagement, small business development, and block by block infrastructure repair.

“I’ve worn down the soles of my shoes making sure I speak to those needs with as many neighbors as I possibly can. And I’ll keep walking, I’ll keep knocking, and I’ll keep listening to what is most important to you, no matter what.”

You can view the video here!

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Maggie Okeefe