40th Ward Candidate Maggie O’Keefe to Speak at Women in Tech “Shark Tank”-style Salon

WHEN: September 20 - 6:00pm – 9:00pm

WHERE: 2461 N. Geneva Terrace, Chicago, IL

WHAT:  Hosted by Genevieve Thiers, the Women in Tech Salon invites business owners and women in every field to pitch their ideas and funding needs. This month, 40th & 47th Ward Candidates Maggie O’Keefe and Eileen Dordek will talk about the need for more women to run in local elections, how to motivate an engaged voter base, and their visions for a more sustainable Chicago. Free tickets are available by clicking here.

WHO:  Maggie O’Keefe, Candidate for 40th Ward Alderman
Eileen Dordek, Candidate for 47th Ward Alderman


Maggie is a small business owner in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. In 2016, she successfully organized deputy voter registrar trainings for more than 500 Cook County residents, and together they registered thousands of new voters for the 2018 primary election. As part of her campaign, Maggie is going door-to-door, taking a ward-wide survey of the issues people want addressed and the development they would like to see as part of the 40th Ward Community Roadmap Project.

Learn more at www.Maggie2019.com  

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