Maggie 2019 Statement on CPS Hearings on Sexual Assault and Abuse

As a member of the Education Committee, Alderman O'Connor was a no show at the CPS hearings on sexual assault and abuse last week. There are over 600 allegations of sexual abuse submitted to the newly created Office of Student Protections and the federal government is still withholding much-needed grant money due to this crisis. Safer schools and protecting students from sexual violence should be our top priority. It's shocking that Alderman O'Connor didn't think it was worth his time.

It's clear the 40th Ward deserves an alderman who will truly represent the parents of our community.  We need to press CPS to include a counselor and social worker at each and every school. As your alderman, I would work with education champions like Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza and other dedicated Education Committee members to advocate for more social workers, a swifter response to allegations, and better accountability for CPS to provide students and families with safe learning environments.

(Photo Credit: City Council held hearings on Nov. 28 on allegations of sexual-abuse in Chicago Public Schools. | Annie Costabile/Sun-Times)


Maggie O’Keefe will support 40th Ward families by funding our neighborhood public schools, building safe communities through active community engagement and growing small businesses and housing for everyone. Maggie is a small business owner in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. In 2016, she successfully organized deputy voter registrar trainings for more than 500 Cook County residents, and together registered thousands of new voters for the 2018 primary election. As part of her campaign, Maggie is going door-to-door taking a ward-wide survey of the issues people want addressed and the development they would like to see as part of the 40th Ward Community Roadmap Project. Learn more at  

Maggie Okeefe