Maggie 2019 Calls for Community Solar Development on Chicago’s North Side

This week, the City of Chicago announced it was expanding a new city initiative aimed at developing solar energy sources and is soliciting proposals to install ground-mounted panels at seven sites covering 30 acres of empty land in Austin, Englewood, West Pullman, Riverdale and South Deering. The winning bidder will own, operate and maintain the solar systems at no cost to the city. 40th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Maggie O’Keefe issued the following statement in response:

“The 40th Ward has a great deal of underutilized vacant space and empty lots ready for an opportunity like the Chicago Solar-Ground Mount Project. A community-led solar project would help reduce the amount of money spent on electricity in each household and create new green jobs for our neighborhoods. The solar economy is safe, clean and benefits Chicagoans of all backgrounds and incomes.

These projects can and should extend past city-owned properties – as alderman, I will work with developers and owners to lease the land at no-to-low cost and take advantage of grants and incentives through the Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act. It’s a win-win for the 40th Ward – community solar would help attract new investment and position us as the leader in renewable energy on the North Side.”

Maggie O’Keefe, Candidate for 40th Ward Alderman

Maggie Okeefe