Maggie 2019 Opens “Alternative 40th Ward Office” on Foster Avenue

WHEN: Sunday, October 14, 2018 – 3:00pm – 5:00pm

WHERE: 2305 W. Foster

Maggie 2019 is hosting the grand opening of our storefront campaign office - nicknamed the “Alternative 40th Ward Office.” Please join us in celebration of active community engagement and building a sustainable community.

“Our race has always been about putting people first. You've welcomed me into your homes. You've invited me to your community gatherings. You've asked me to speak at your Local School Council meetings. Now it’s time I offer that in return,” said Maggie O’Keefe, 40th Ward Aldermanic Candidate. “One of the first things I hear from people is that our current Alderman Patrick O’Connor is an absentee alderman. Concerns and communications go unanswered. We thought that we would turn our campaign office into the ‘Alternative 40th Ward Office’ so we can hear neighbors’ concerns and add them to the 40th Ward Community Roadmap Project. How we've run our campaign is how we will run our office from candidacy to swear-in.”

The storefront office space is being donated free courtesy of a 40th Ward resident: “The first time we met was outside their home. We chatted at length about why a tenure as long as our current alderman is a detriment to the growth and prosperity of our ward. A month ago, we reconnected at a block party. And now, they're donating their space to the campaign. There is no stopping our campaign when we have the generosity and energy of the community on our side,” added Maggie.

Maggie Okeefe