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Chicago needs our help. The city is in financial peril and its residents are feeling that strain: crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, increased taxes, and rising rents. We can’t keep electing public servants who do not serve the public.

We need our elected officials to step up and truly tackle the problems this city faces. The current 40th Ward Alderman has been in office for 35 years - in that time, he’s built a career plunging the city into debt and keeping the community uninformed and uninspired.

The future of this city depends on public servants who truly serve the public and champion honest and sustainable development. I’m running to be your alderman because I know we can do better - but I need your help.  

Your donation goes towards a female-led, grassroots team with a real vision for our community - a vision that brings transparency, efficiency and accountability back to the 40th Ward.

We have a real opportunity in 2019 to reject the status quo - contribute today and invest in a more sustainable future for our city and community.